Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Give that Scotsman a medal

Something very unusual happened today on the BBC's Daily Politics show. For some reason, and without any warning, the maverick host Andrew Neil suddenly turned upon Ben Bradshaw, a government socialist stooge, and asked him why the Treasury was taxing people on cars and fuel so heavily, when all four global institutes measuring global temperatures, have, for the last 10 years now, reported an average global temperature drop of 0.3 degrees celcius, per annum.

The look of Taboo-busting horror on Bradshaw's face was simply hilarious as he bamboozled his way out of answering the question. In the end a flummoxed Bradshaw was reduced to blathering that Neil was just 'WRONG!', despite Neil's gentle reminders that all global institutes reporting these figures have been saying the same thing for some time. "But the Emperor has clothes!" shouted Bradshaw. "Not in these photographs he doesn't," replied Neil. Magnificent.

It would appear then, that Mr Neil may be an Anthropogenic Global Warming Denier, thus a Heretic in need of ritual burning at the stake. But it was great to see him on the BBC, before the flames lick his toes, getting away with broadcasting this heresy.

If you want to see this unprovoked disembowelling of Bradshaw for yourself, go to this page, and find the video underneath the Nick Robinson's View title. You will find this glorious exchange start at 7:50 minutes, going through to 9:35. Marvellous.

BTW, while you're on this particular web page, you may want to watch something else equally hilarious. Simply scroll up to the top of the page and watch Gordon Brown being skewered by David Cameron in today's Prime Ministers Questions. What a shambolic wreck Brown has become, stuttering, staring at the floor, ignoring the question, regurgitating doctored tractor factory statistics, and generally being derided by all and sundry. Look particularly for the point when the entire Labour front bench winces under the question from David Cameron of who has been talking out of school about their grim unloved master. Simply superb.

Brown is now well and truly "frit" of Cameron. You can almost see him wishing the men in grey suits would come and take him away. You can also see many of the men in grey suits behind him wishing the same thing. Oh dear. It can't be long now, surely? Though as all the Labour backbenchers have bottled it on the 42 days incarceration with no charge issue, and the destruction of Habeas Corpus, maybe he can drift on past the party conference season. I'm convinced this is what Cameron wants, and just as Blair himself did 15 years ago, Cameron is really beginning to dominate this House of Commons.

The fun begins in the PMQs video from 2:30 minutes, through to 12:30. Don't bother watching the rest. I have, and my face nearly fell off with boredom.

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