Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bonson Jorris and Sir Llewellyn

It would seem that our soon-to-be-late MP, here in Henley, Bonson Jorris, is attracting quite a fan club over at LRC. Here's just a few of the posts which have appeared in the last couple of days, following the blond one's superb Torygraph article on Bicycle helmets:

I Love Boris Johnson
Re: Boris Johnson's Helmet
re: Bike Helmets
Re: Re: Bike Helmets
I Love Boris Johnson Too!

In the first of the posts above, Sir Llewellyn claims that:
"...the antiwar Tory Mayor of London has long been a faithful LRC reader."
I don't know how Sir Llew knows this fact, but I'll take him at his word.

While desperately struggling to avoid any Boris Johnson helmet jokes, in a non-bicyclist sense, I also know for a fact that Mr Jorris was personally handed a copy of Democracy: The God That Failed, several years ago, here in Oxfordshire, by one of his former stalwart Tory constituency supporters (whose name need not be repeated here). I like to think these two facts are related, though I suppose we'll never know. Though I do know that this former Tory stalwart also met Mr Jorris again fairly recently, in the middle of an Oxfordshire field (please don't ask), where the new London Mayor brought the subject up of Hoppe's masterwork without any prompting, much to this former stalwart's great surprise.

Yes, it's an odd combination, an LRC-reading democratically elected figure of some significance who has read Der Hoppemeister's master work, but as I support Ron Paul, with some enthusiasm, without myself being a believer in democracy, perhaps Mr Jorris deserves similar support over here in the UK in his fight for our liberty from the fascist/socialist Guardianista intelligentsia of old London town.

Though I swear as long as I live I will never knock on another door for the Conservative party, with the sole exception of any referenda to free Scotland and Wales from England, or to free England from the EU, I therefore wish him the best of luck in his quest to de-socialize London, and hopefully to improve the cycling routes around the city without ripping off the taxpayer (something safe from Trafalgar Square to the City please, if you're reading, especially around the two-wheeled horror of the Bank of England).

Let us hope that one day he may even be associated with the full independence of this great city, and the creation of a full-blown Hoppeian city-state. Yes, unlikely; but you never know, especially when talking about a Periclean classicist who so admires the ancient city-state of Athens.

But now, here in deepest Oxfordshire, with regatta coming up, I feel it is time for a rather large Pimms.

Chin chin!


Gekko said...

"But now, here in deepest Oxfordshire, with regatta coming up, I feel it is time for a rather large Pimms."

Sigh, those were the days. They don't even know what Pimms is over here. I feel an educational opportunity coming on, with plenty of practicals.

Jack Maturin said...

Pour one for me! X-)