Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Return of the Tax Farmer

Hang on a minute, surely this can't be right. Did I really just hear on the news that the UK government's Child Support Agency has failed to locate £3.5 billion pounds? Is it true that of this £3.5 billion, last year they managed to recover just £8 million pounds, and it cost them £12 million pounds to do it?

I'm sorry. I'm just going to have to go and lie down for a while, with a wet flannel on my face. Words almost fail me. A few are sputtering to the surface. Try these on for size.

Unbelievable. Failure. Government. Corruption. Jackasses. Idiots. Poltroons. Fibroids. Monkey Nuts. Bananas. Teapots.

Put them together in any order you like, with a few conjunctives, and see what you get. Nothing makes sense to me, anymore. Maybe you can do better?

And now because of this immense government failure, with no doubt not a single civil servant being troubled by the sack, HM Treasury is going to impose private tax farmers onto the UK's burgeoning population of single fathers.

When a government reaches a point where it has become incapable of collecting its own imposts upon its own tax slaves, without incurring more costs than it collects, then a new low in government incompetence has surely been breached.

Well, at least until tomorrow that is, when Ruth Kelly, the laughable education minister, explains why she allowed paedophiles to access children in the state school system, with her personal blessing.

Nurse!? The screens!!!


Munenori said...

I have been paying my wife direct but the csa have made yet another in a long line of cock ups and are now going to start deducting the 'arrears' from my wages.
I will have to stop paying my wife so I can afford to live after the csa take their pound of flesh.
They do not take individual circumstances into account - and my wife has redecorated the house and had several holidays since we split - has received several payouts for supposed injuries received in car accidents - and spent our savings. I have sold my car and anything else of value and live in a moldy rented flat. I had a second job for a while until my wife found out and told the csa - it wasn't much but it meant I could afford to buy food - but I quit it - I would have been working for £3 an hour.
I am in debt to the council for council tax and to the various utility companies. I cannot concentrate at work due to the state of my life and the powerlessness and stress caused by the CSA and you are moaning because you may have to pay for some absent fathers.
Let me tell you - many men would be only to happy to pay for their kids but it's the fuck ups perpetuated by the CSA which criminalises fathers, often wrongly. As a result of the CSA I may well quit my job.
Failed to locate £3.5 billion... How much of that debt did they actually cause?
Most single fathers live in poverty compared to the mothers with care.
In my case, I have been paying and yet denied access to the child I have been paying for!
Even if the csa is shut down it's only a rebranding for political reasons - something else will take its place and you know what - the system will find a way to rid you of your hard earned anyways.

Sorry, having a bad day with the CSA and needed to rant.

Jack Maturin said...

Hey, rant away. I'm sorry to hear about the appalling treatment the British Government has handed out to you and I hope you can find a way through it, soon.