Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Bureaucrat in your Shower

Meanwhile, over at Mises.org, in case you missed it, Jeffrey Tucker has written one of the best articles I've seen for a while on the worldwide home of Misesians*:

The Bureaucrat in Your Shower

We have similar problems over here too, with bureaucrats checking out our double glazing, amongst a hundred and one other things.

I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would make of the United States now. Would he really have risked a British firing squad had he known that people who speak in his name, 200 years later, are making a living by convicting shower head manufacturers? And when failing to convict them, vindictively changing their law so as to be able to do so? I think it might be time in the US for their people to throw off their government, and replace it with some institutions more beneficial.

*Notwithstanding Was Spock an Austro-libertarian?


Julius Blumfeld said...

It would probably remind him of George III. Rich but insane.

Jack Maturin said...

...but wonderfully played by Nigel Hawthorne! :-)