Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Drink King is Dead

Oh well, poor old Chat Show Charlie's feeble bid to cling to power fizzled out today, as his loyal MPs shoved 30 silver daggers into his back. As I noted below, I think he has now deprived us of a good example to point to when discussing the liars, the scumbags, and the hypocrites we generally know as frontline British politicians. But I'm confident a new liar, scumbag, and hypocrite will come to the fore, to be exposed in a similar manner. Just where do the Liberals get them from? Jeremy 'Rentboy' Thorpe, Paddy 'Pants Down' Ashdown, and Charles 'I Do Not Have a Drink Problem, I Know Exactly Where My Hidden Bottle of Whisky Is' Kennedy. What a shower, and what a disgrace to Gladstone, one of my favorite Victorian politicians, if I must profess a weakness for admiring certain politicians.

Of all the contenders for this illustrious position of leader of the Liberal Democrats, I do hope for the sake of their family that whoever wins has no particularly Thorpe-like, Paddy-like, or Kennedy-like skeletons in the cupboard.

Menzies Campbell will probably win, because leftwing nutter Simon Hughes looks and sounds like a character from Schindler's List, and Mark Oaten has a name which sounds like a popular breakfast cereal. But if you made me pick one of them, it would have to be Mark Oaten. Sir Menzies Campbell will be the same old flim flam with an unpronounceable name attached, and Simon Hughes will fade immediately into a mishmash politburo background of socialist claptrap. However, Mark Oaten could at least prove interesting, if he should somehow discover the cojones to stand up for himself.

As an anarcho-capitalist I wish a plague on all their houses, but if you scratched me, underneath you would find a classical liberal, which is what Mark Oaten at least professes to be, with his Orange Book group, a collective which even Samuel Brittan thinks is on the right lines. The reason I am an anarcho-capitalist is because I've been forced into deciding that classical liberalism failed, because it merely became a midwife to socialism. However, I would love to be proved wrong. If a genuine classical liberal party could emerge and make this country freer I would have to reconsider my position. Though I won't be holding my breath, obviously.

If Mark Oaten does win to then promote proper liberty, in a proper Gladstonian tradition, then I predict his rapid demise, strangled in his bath by a horde of screaming bearded leftwing harpies, whom Simon Hughes represents.

I normally say on occasions like this that we live in interesting times. Well, not really. It is only the Liberal Democrats. I sometimes wonder why they bother. But then I look at the salaries and pensions of all their MPs, none of whom has anything more interesting to do each day than eat whole nut tofu on constituency expenses. No doubt Charles Kennedy will completely disappear from Parliament for a couple of years. And no doubt while he's away he will still keep helping himself to my wallet, via his parliamentary salary, while he cleans up on the chat show circuit. Politicians really are a bunch of thieving scumbags.


Anonymous said...

Oaten told BBC news that his only vice was chocolate. Apparently rent boys don't count, to his way of thinking - apart from their fee of course...........

Jack Maturin said...

Oh dear, Mr Oaten. The Great White Hope is dead. And I was praying that he would SOMEHOW raise the dead ship of classical liberalism.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Give politicians their due, though. They never let you down, if all you expect them to deliver is corruption and lies. No doubt Mr Oaten will also still continue to keep helping himself to my wallet, perhaps for several more decades to come.

What a terrible shame. Let's hope he proves me wrong, gets a proper job, and keeps his trousers up.

No chance, obviously, but if he will go and join the paddy pants down party, what did he expect?