Monday, February 23, 2009

Another government power grab

Yes, our caring sharing friends in the Bilderberg group would like to impose draconian restrictions on those few people left who have managed to evade their financial control.

You see, this financial crisis is nothing to do with the world's governments, their central banks, or their financial regulators; it is all down to Mrs Miggins, of 4 Dusseldorf Strasse, Münster, Germany, who has dared to hold a few gold coins on a Caribbean island.

This is why we need an unelected World Government Police, with no mandate from anyone, anywhere, to go around the world stealing such gold coins from their owners. This will cure all of the world's current financial problems. Apparently.

And after the upcoming G20 conference is held, what's the betting on who will be appointed to become the unelected World Government policeman in charge of this mob, tyrannising anyone who dares to stay out of his clutches? Why yes, Herr Brown. Au naturellement. Because none of this mess has anything to do with him. Oh no.

So instead of being an unelected British Prime Minister, with no mandate, he can become an unelected world financial dictator instead, with even less mandate, and the first man who the history books could possibly call the Earth's first ever "total ruler", above every law, everywhere. Not bad for an effeminate teenager from Fife.


not an economist said...

Cameron will love that. He gets elected PM (possibly) and ends up having to take orders from Gordon Brown at the World Bank/IMF.

Jack Maturin said...

Gordon, of course, would love nothing better.

And nobody will question for a moment where he gets his 'authority' from, because they'll all want a turn in the same chair themselves, when Gordon is finally taken to the asylum.