Friday, February 20, 2009

Gold rises above $1,000

It's still very cheap.

The central banks will be doing everything they can to get the price below a thousand dollars by leasing/flogging off everything they still have left. (What's surprising is that they have allowed it to climb above the psychological barrier of $1,000 dollars - is this just a 'Friday' thing or have they finally run out of 'surplus' gold?)

The unspoken part of the general plan to keep the gold price low by flogging off reserves is that the British government will steal it all back again when the central banks run out, just as the Stuart kings used to do with all of the goldsmiths who used to occupy the current site of the Bank of England.

So buy gold. But keep it safe. Hold it abroad or take physical delivery and hide it somewhere you feel confident it will not be discovered by Inland Revenue agents, foxes, or roaming gangs of thieves (all pretty much the same thing). Do not on any account store it in a safe deposit box or hold it in commercial storage in this country. That will be easy for the government to steal back from you, once the Bank of England runs out. It's also probably best to hold it outside of the EU, just in case.

Try to hold it in a country which you think would always want to keep its reputation as a safe-haven for mining products and precious metals. That means Australia, Switzerland et al.

Yes, it's all risky. But not as risky as holding the pound sterling. That is the riskiest play of all. In fact, it's not even risky. With M4 at 17.5% and rocketing upwards, it's a damn-near certainty that the pound will keep collapsing.

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