Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inflation is the greatest danger to the British economy

No, I haven't been writing for the Torygraph again under the pen-name of Liam Halligan; this is a real article by a real journalist, who is a proud member of that mighty circumscribed triumvirate at the paper (along with Jeff Randall and Iain Martin), who want to save this sceptred isle from the Keynesian shilling of their half-witted colleagues.

More power to Mr Halligan's elbow, even if his plan is a little bit wishy-washy.

Come on, Liam, let's see a spot more lead in your pencil! Here's a real plan for red-blooded men who eat red-blooded meat. (Though even this plan has been watered down to make it just about tolerable for the next Margaret Thatcher, whoever he or she is.)

Stone the crows, maybe it's Jeff Randall, with Liam Halligan as Chancellor and Iain Martin as general hatchet man!? Now that would be a government worth voting for, even for an anarchist.

Maturin Towers Comment:

Jack Maturin on February 22, 2009 at 02:45 PM

I don't know how you stand working with all of the other Keynesian shills at the Telegraph, Liam, but please do keep up the good work.

Your plan is excellent. But is it radical enough? I have one of my own I thought you might like to contemplate, here:


But please keep going. You, Jeff Randall, and Iain Martin, are all we have between total financial meltdown and the lunatics in Whitehall who would rather give us that than give up an ounce of their ill-gotten power.

More, please.

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