Friday, February 06, 2009

Clarkson labels PM 'one-eyed idiot'

Apparently, AngloAustrian semi-hero, Jeremy Clarkson, has got into hot water for making 'unforgivable' remarks about Gordon Brown.

Personally, I prefer highly pressurised steam baths when talking about our feckless useless incontinent effeminate tyrannical lunatic Stalinist one-eyed idiot Prime Minister.

So well done Mr Clarkson. You may be a parasite living on millions of pounds of taxes taken from BBC licence fee payers, thus only gaining semi-hero status, but when the revolution comes, brother, I'm sure you'll still be on the right side.

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not an economist said...

Thank the Lord that he didn't compare Brown to a golliwog otherwise he would have been sacked by now ....