Saturday, October 04, 2008

There's Hope: This time there is a difference

In the post below, I was forced to take the trademark Ron Paul Cassandra position, which often gives Austrianism a bad name, because although we have a much better prediction record than any other school of economics (especially Ron Paul), everyone hates hearing bad news.

However, there is hope this time round, in the Great American Depression, Mark II. In the first one, in the 1930s, there were only two men in the world who knew what was going on. Both were Austrian emigres; F.A.Hayek in London and L.v.Mises in Geneva. Both probably expected their classical liberal ideas to die with them, as the world was awash with Keynesianism, later to spawn such fools as John Kenneth Galbraith and James Gordon Brown. Both men were also lucky to escape the scourge of Nazism, though their Germanic accents will still have isolated them in a world deeply afraid of "The Germans".

Fortunately, both men made it through World War II unscathed, and able to publish their "radical" ideas, such as the rather risque thought that the granting of unlimited credit to feckless fools is perhaps not the best use of scarce resources.

Their intellectual offspring now number in the tens of thousands. And there is no way that any of us will allow the mafiosi gangster and bankster socialist scum, who currently plague the world, to get away with their current gigantic world wide heist.

Yes, they'll fool most of the people, especially with the help of their licensed friends in the mainstream media, but they haven't fooled us. And although it will be a long road to rid them from the world, I hold a genuine hope that their days are numbered. There are simply too many people around who know what they're doing, to get away with it any more.

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