Friday, October 17, 2008

Deepest Oxfordshire awaits!

Not only is the Good Professor attending "Liberty 2008", in London, his extended tour of England takes in one other date. For those who live anywhere near God's own Kingdom of Oxfordshire (hopefully to be a Hoppeian city state at some point in the future, with Henley On Thames as its southernmost bulwark), Der Hoppemeister will also be speaking at Balliol College, as a guest of the Oxford Libertarian Society, at 8pm on Thursday, 23rd October. Details here:


Alas, a prior engagement means I myself will struggle to attend, due to some nonsense I have to attend in London, though I will be there at "Liberty 2008".

I must say, however, that it's also very nice to see that the banner of the Oxford Libertarian Society includes as its first three "Talking Heads", Uncle Murray, F.A.Hayek, and L.v.Mises.

Splendid! I am not the only lunatic in England with arrestable Austrian tendencies! And only 30 miles away, too! Marvellous.

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