Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stephen Fry - Rancid Offal in a Suit

There was a time last year, during the Ashes cricket series, when I almost forgot that Stephen Fry, an increasingly well-padded Gentleman these days, was a Leftist. As we of the suffering classes, Stephen Fry and I included, sat glued to our rooftops watching Freddie Flintoff et al rescue that little urn from our Australian cousins, without even once thinking of Eric Morecambe, I even felt a level of common humanity with this revolting sack of faeces.

But then he had to spoil it.

If you visit the following site, you may be able to watch Stephen Fry's side-splitting report on the This Week program, hosted by Andrew Neil, for a few more days, before it disappears into the great Bit Bucket in the sky:

This Week

You may even be able to read what he said, here:

This Week - Stephen Fry

In uncomprehending disbelief I listened to this arrogant man, who makes even yours truly seem meek and mild in his utter condescension towards the whole of the rest of humanity. I sat there waiting for him to tell me he was joking. But as his report unfolded, rambled into a swilling wine glass, I realised he meant every fetid patronising word. Here's a sample:

"Almost the whole of my text at the moment, in my head as I fall asleep, is summed up by the word 'contempt'. Contempt, in politics, for the hypocrisy, the double standards, the double dealing, the corruption and the moral suasion. It's almost impossible for me to explain just how deeply I feel contempt. I want to go into detail - and I think you'll be rather shocked, and I hope rather edified, by what I have to say. Cant and hypocrisy. So who are these terrible hypocrites? Who are these double dealers? Who are these liars and fraudulent corrupt people? Well, you're listening to one of them: that's me. And I'm talking to millions of them: that's you. It's not the politicians, God bless them."
And he means it. Yes, this lumbering champagne-fuddled fop thinks that the fault for the mess we endure in society can be laid plain and square at the foot of the door of society. The decivilisation all around us has nothing to do with government, seen by some as the enemy of society, oh no. In fact, if it were not for our government, God bless them, things would be far, far worse. That he believes this bilge is one thing.

But for me to be forced to pay for a television licence, so that this man can be paid even more filthy socialist lucre to tell me, to my face, that I am a liar, a hypocrite, and a cant-filled piece of filth, and that I should get down on my knees and beg to have even more government, simply beggars witless belief.

Read the rest, if you can stomach it. I'll leave you with his witty ending repartee:

"...all governments serve us. They serve the filth."
Well thank you, and goodnight Stephen Fry, you putrid Polymathic man.

What of course he won't do, being an ardent New Labour supporter, who helped bring the revolting toads in, in 1997, is come down from his mountain of arrogance and admit he got it all wrong. In the last few months his intelligence has made him realise what a ghastly government we are now existing under, and gave him two choices:

  • Either, admit he was wrong and tell the world he should never have supported New Labour, and perhaps going further than that, that socialism doesn't work

  • Or, that he is still right, and in the infamous words of Labour MP, Stephen Pound, it is the people who are the bastards

The monumental arrogance of the typical über-socialist once again shone through with his decision to go with option two, as it almost always does. It is not socialism that is the problem, they think, these über-men, it is humanity. Why won't people just accept that socialism is wonderful and then get on with it? Why do they keep persisting in being so damn human? Hence, the incessant urge to try to create New Socialist Men and Women, as exemplified by all those Stakhanovite poster boys of the old Soviet Union.

Well, Stephen, why won't you just accept that you are wrong? That you made a mistake. And that socialism is about as useful as a fist up the derriere of Norman Lamont?

Do try to reason it out, old boy. You never know, you may even become an anarcho-capitalist if you work at it hard enough. You have the intelligence. But do you have the mental strength? As a recovering socialist myself, I can help you. Here's where you need to begin:

Human Action: The Scholars Edition

Good luck.


Biscit said...

Yes, this lumbering champagne-fuddled fop thinks that the fault for the mess we endure in society can be laid plain and square at the foot of the door of society

The truth hurts does it not, that we have only ourselves to blame.

As a non-politician Stephen is free to come out with such harsh if accurate commentary pieces. Politcians are not, becuase it looks too much like passing the buck.

cuthhyra said...

Well, I suppose if you are a socialist cheerleader then maybe you do have to accept your part of the responsibility for the mess we're in. Then again don't presume to include me in your unholy alliance.

Quite apart from anything else it is collectivism of the worst kind to say that 'we' are all to blame. Perhaps if you believe in majority rule then you have to believe in collective responsibility, but since an anarcho-capitalist does not believe in the the former s/he is certainly under no obligation to accept the latter.

Jack Maturin said...

The truth hurts does it not, that we have only ourselves to blame.

I suppose, in a way Mr Fry is right. We (and I exclude all anarcho-capitalists) do have ourselves to blame for allowing Marxist ideology in the last 150 years to seep into most of our minds, and allowing us therefore to fall as prey under the bandits, crooks, and politicians, of the state.

If only we could wake up, and realise what idiots we have been in allowing the spectacular growth of the whole welfare-warfare-democratic state edifice, and then privatise it down to the ground, putting all the remaining socialists and pompous insulting asses like Stephen Fry on an Ark to Golgafrincha (or Sweden), we would be a lot better off.

Not that it will happen while most of us sleepwalk to the same tunes that Mr Fry listens to.

But I have hope. The microscopic British anarcho-capitalist movement may all be able to fit into a large dressing room cupboard, but at least some of us are free of these filthy collective chains Mr Fry has wrapped himself in. I hope he chokes on them.

In the meantime, as the democratic welfare/warfare system becomes ever more desperate and dangerous to live in, and more visibly corrupt to the core, I'm hoping one day, if we keep pumping out the Rothbardian message, we may even be able to order a bigger cupboard. Perhaps one day, a whole closet! :-)