Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Buy That Man a Large Glass of Champagne!

You may have noticed, if you've been reading AngloAustria, that I've almost given up on doing political write-ups in the last few weeks, because Britain's political shenanigans have been so hilarious in their own right I thought it simply impossible for this weary hack to add anything to spice them up a bit, in true AngloAustrian style. One does tire immensely of the stupidities of British politicians, but as I see the collapse of democratic politics almost inevitable now, I've tried to concentrate on building up my business options to help me escape this land of 446 lost murderers and rapists, before the implosion begins. However, I was struck this morning by the words of Sir John Mortimer, that most champagne-sodden of all the champagne socialists who infect this once glorious isle, speaking about his friends in the Labour Party:

"It's totally exploded - it's dire. We are in the worst situation we have ever been in. Even in the dark Thatcher years, we thought something better was around the corner. This time, we know there isn't. It's intensely depressing. Gordon will be worse than Tony. But where else do we look? To Mr Thingamyjig on his bicycle? We'll have to vote Anarchist."

And so say all of us.

How splendid to hear an intelligent man coming across to the miniscule world of British anarcho-capitalism; top hole, sir.


Simon Jester said...

Champagne socialists are by far the most agreeable type of socialists - and John Mortimer actually has some libertarian credentials.

I don't know about him being a capitalist anarchist, though...

Jack Maturin said...

Hey, Simon, I'm all for any kind of anarchism, even the idiotic socialist kind. Because once we have it, we capitalists can tool up and organize private defence agencies, and sod the socialists. They can keep to their love communes and starve, like those early religious communist fools tried in the first days of colonial expansion into Virginia, in North America. Though I'm sure we'll sell the socialist anarchists the odd pot noodle if they melt down their gold jewellery and trade us for them. Let's just hope they don't try to steal them, and get the resultant consequences; I'm sure starvation will soon bring them round to the free market, in either a process of evolution or a process of rationalism. And if he's still with us, I'd like to give Sir John a regular bottle of shampoo, just for being the creator of the magnificent Rumpole. Whatever kind of anarchism he meant, his statement reported in the Telegraph today has got to be worth at least a flute of your finest Charles Heidsieck. Cheers! :-)