Monday, May 29, 2006

Bring Our Boys Home - Now

Two more poor bloody squaddies dead, and still Blair remains in office. That's 113 British soldiers dead now, all sacrificed on the altar of Tony Blair's evil ambition. How many more must die before this revolting man is removed from political office? As a former squaddie myself, who signed up because he believed one day he would get blown up in West Germany trying to stop an east european socialist onslaught, I want every single British serviceman and servicewoman to be given orders to leave the horror of Iraq before the end of the week. It is one thing to sign up and die defending your country from socialist invaders. But to die in a remote unwelcoming land on the basis of deliberate spin and lies to further the monetary greed of a vainglorious politician, who needs a U.S. post-prime ministerial lecture circuit to prop up his parasitic lifestyle and pay for the mortgage payments on his £3 million pound home, disgusts me beyond mere typewritten words.

As your last act on leaving office, tomorrow Tony, sign the order bringing our troops home. Do it now before another 100 die. Do it now before another one dies. And then in the name of God, get on that jet plane to the United States and never come back.

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