Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Figleaf of Freedom

The Torygraph may be a statist rag, but occasionally they run the odd piece which makes it worth a browse. Once such piece appeared in their comment pages this morning, by James Bartholomew:

We need a revision course on why capitalism is a good thing

Oh yes, and then there was the questionnaire on a different page:

Should the NHS pay for holistic medicine?

This question makes the usual statist assumption, of course, that the NHS has a perfect and total right to exist in the first place, and then to bleed us dry in wasteful tax 'donations'.

Oh well, can't win them all.

BTW, I've left a comment on the NHS questionnaire, which may get through the moderator. You may like to leave a comment of your own? The column does seem to have attracted a large number of the great and the good, many of them state clients in the medical professions, who perhaps need a small dose of freedom to refresh their day? What fun.

Pip pip!!

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