Friday, May 19, 2006

Official: Lunatics Running Asylum System

And I quote:
Five illegal immigrants were arrested yesterday while working as cleaners in the Home Office department responsible for removing illegal immigrants.
Is there really any more that has to be said? Bring on Hoppeian private security systems, right now.

Apparently, on hearing that he had been selected as secretary of state for health, a year or two ago, Dr John Reid was heard to say, in his best Glaswegian accent, "Oh f**k, not health." One only wonders at what he said when the news came through he was going to be home secretary. I almost felt sorry for this Bull-headed Marxist Rottweiler. Almost. But not quite.

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Spyware Removal said...

Yes, the crazies are running the asylum, nit just here, but all over the world.