Monday, January 07, 2008

New Hampshire Hat into the Ring

While still recovering my emotional tendrils after the Iowa result, I shall once more leap into the fray with my predictions for tomorrow's New Hampshire primary (for what it's worth):
  1. McWar
  2. Suit
  3. The Man Himself
  4. Tax Hike Mike
  5. ActorBloke
  6. Benito
Just my $0.02 cents, as we Englishmen say when we read rather strange reports about America. Apparently, the average Brit is now better off than the average Yank. Crazy, dude. The Fed must be inflating even more madly than the Bank of England and the end of the second Anglo-Saxon empire must be drawing even closer than we realised.

(Though I must say, judging from the blood up the wall I saw in the last NHS hospital I had the misfortune to visit, I really wouldn't set too much store by what the report claims as the magnificence of the 'free' (i.e. communist) health care system that we have in this country. I simply cannot believe that the Democrats are pushing this appalling model onto the US population and generally succeeding in their efforts to bamboozle them with magic word, 'free'. Here's a clue. It ain't free. And it ain't a health care system. At least, not one worth having. As the Canadians say about their own similar mess of a health system. It's great. But don't get ill.)

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