Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time for the home brew kits to come out of the cupboard

An overpaid government civil servant drone, yesterday

This useless current British government is going to hammer the public with increased consumption taxes in the forthcoming Osborne budget.

What Osborne and his crew haven't realised yet, alas, is that every penny spent by government is a wasted penny and that the best way of tackling government over-spending is not by taxing more, but by spending less.

This way, they leave more wealth in the pockets of the people which will then be spent wisely on the optimum blend of production and consumption rather than all wasted on more government consumption rubbish, such as paying the grossly inflated salaries of the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of useless public sector drones who earn more than the prime minister.

They also haven't learnt Arthur Laffer's insight that if government's raise taxes sufficiently, then they raise less revenue as people work less and/or avoid the taxes. From my 'Imagined Minarchist' standpoint, there is a sweet spot of tax rates which generates the most amount of revenue.

But we are way past that point already, after 13 years of Gordon Brown (remember him?), and all more taxes will do is to depress government revenue even more, as people consume less alcohol, get more crates of booze in from France, drink cheaper drinks at home rather than in the pubs, and dust off their old home brew kits. The Treasury found that when they raised tobacco taxes sufficiently, their rake off plunged dramatically as people gave up smoking and/or shipped in crates of tobacco products from France.

The cheapest cigarettes come from Dubai, where no tax is paid on tobacco, and you often see people coming back from there with the maximum tobacco allowance, even if you never see them actually smoking them.

I wonder what's going on there?

An old Saudi hand also told me recently how to keep a continuous supply of lager going with a minimal amount of equipment and effort, and I may be following his advice in order to cut down the amount of money I waste on propping up this useless government with alcohol taxes.

With my 'Fully Realised Anarchist' hat on, of course, I feel it is a total disgusting outrage that I pay any protection racket fees at all to these criminals, but they do have guns and they are prepared to use them so the two bottle fridge trick may be an easier way to get back at these scum Westminster politicians, and other low life.

Who I feel really sorry for are the publicans and innkeepers of this land. The Nanny-State smoking ban hammered thousands of them out of work, and this proposed ravenous tax hike on alcohol is going to hammer thousands more of them out of work.

All they were doing was providing people with enjoyment and entertainment. But all this must be sacrificed so that fat useless pigs in NHS trusts and legions of other parasites can continue to receive vast salaries and pensions for producing bugger all except misery and red tape.

Roll on the revolution, brothers and sisters.

Let's round up all of these muppets and put them all on a one-way boat to Sweden.

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