Monday, June 21, 2010

'How to save the NHS £12bn in one year without stopping a single operation'

The blue-rinse socialists at ConservativeHome have a central plan to improve the governmental efficiency of the NHS.

Yes folks, they really don't get it at all.

Here's my pointless response which no-one will read, and even if they do, completely ignore, but it does make me feel better to know that at least they have seen a glimpse of the truth, even if they are incapable of understanding it:
Jack Maturin said...

I hate to sound too radical, ConservativeHome, but none of the measures you have outlined will work. The tens of thousands of overpaid bureaucrats who would administer any such cuts are far too well buried and camouflaged to be outed by such measures, and they are the ones who make the decisions anyway.

If the central government tries to cut down these useless people, these rent-seekers will sack doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers instead, to cover their own tracks and to deliberately create a crisis, in which they will keep their bloated pensions and salaries, and all the palaces that they work in (often located in leafy grounds well away from the dreadful hospitals they use as excuses to rape the taxpayer).

The central state cannot do anything about these people. It appointed them and it pays them to make the decisions on the ground. These people will always choose themselves first, seeing as they are human beings (though largely immoral ones).

Central planning, can never work. It has never worked. And it will never work, even if the central plan is to cut spending. The Men from the Ministry only ever ending up cutting what is useful and keeping what is useless.

There is only one answer. And until it is tried, we will never be rid of 'Save Our Hospital' campaigns, and the like, and a wasteful inefficient system which prefers people dying within its bowels to cut down on bed usage, with 'death committees' (e.g. NICE) deciding who lives and who dies on the basis of political influence.

What is this radical answer? I don't know whether I dare whisper its horrific name.

Privatise the whole shooting match.

It's heady stuff, I know, but can you imagine (even for a second) a 'Save Our Hospital' campaign, if the whole thing was privatised? Do we have 'Save Our Supermarket' campaigns in the much more private food-provision market? Can you just imagine how terrible a 'National Food Service' would be, if the government put the same level of central control into food provision as it does into health service provision? We would first starve and then there would be a revolution.

Why do we put up with this miserable government control in the health system then? Because you do not die within weeks if the government controls the health system, as you would if they controlled the food system, that's why. And so we don't notice just how bad they are at managing it. Instead, we die years earlier than we should, usually in miserable conditions.

And I don't mean American-style privatisation either, which is massive government control and spending fronted by privileged 'private' front organisations, and run by a union, the American Medical Association, to keep doctors rich and patients poor.

I mean full-blown complete removal of government interference in the health market completely. Everything government touches it turns to dust. The more government involvement you have, the worse things get. The less government involvement you have, the better things get.

You chaps may have heard of this radical solution before.

It's called the 'free market'.

Or are you blue-rinse socialists still too afraid to dare say its name?

The system wasn't even broken before the Labour party created the NHS monster, based upon the soviet system. There was a slight shortage in arthritis treatment services, and that was it.

The entire nationalisation was a political scam to try to socialise the people into politically correct thinking. They wanted to make it literally unthinkable, in the Orwellian sense, for people to dare to remove their socialist controls.

It would appear that this scam worked.
UPDATE: Oh dear, I have upset the controllers of the memory hole. My comment has been deleted by the bed-wetting blue-rinse socialists of ConservativeHome. What a miserable bunch of feeble and pathetic cowards. No doubt there'll be some technical reason for this. It will have nothing to do with daring to mention the taboo phrase of 'the free market' in relation to the NHS.

No wonder I left the Tory party.

HT to Archie Dean

UPDATEII: After Archie D. pointed out that my initial comment had been deleted, I left the following hilarious rejoinder which I fully expected to be deleted too.
Jack Maturin said...
Oh dear, Blue Beep, it appears you don't like it up you. What a terrible shame.

I was right then. You really are a bunch of bed-wetting blue-rinse socialists.
Remarkably enough, it wasn't deleted! Instead, my original comment popped back up again. Crazy.

Even better than that, some nitwit called Allan had decided to tear a strip off me by accusing me of believing in the free market.

Well, duh?! :-)

I won't bother boring you with his witless pathetic reply. Here's my rejoinder, instead:
Jack Maturin said in reply to Allan...

So Allan, you believe that the market fails and must be bolstered by socialised government interventions. In the old days, this would have meant that you were a SOCIALIST. I suppose nowadays it means that you're a 'radical conservative'.

Why are such radical conservatives so terrified of the free market?

Why does the free market have to be defended from attacks by these radical conservatives?

I'm not even going to try, as it's pointless. You either believe in the free market or you do not. You either believe that the free market can deliver ALL services better than socialised government or you do not. No amount of argument ever made a single socialist give up socialism, with extremely rare exceptions such as Hayek.

But Allan, please do not think that you are NOT a socialist. Everyone who 'believes' in the NHS is a socialist. Just as everyone who 'believes' in the BBC is a socialist. And everyone who believes in subsidies for farmers is a socialist.

Your pet groups as to who gets subsidies forced out of others may differ from those of the Labour party or the Liberal party, but it's a question of degree, not of substance. If you want socialised systems of service provision then you are a socialist.

That's what the word means. Look it up in a dictionary:

so·cial·ist (ssh-lst)
1. An advocate of socialism.

so·cial·ism (ssh-lzm)
1. Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

Now please define the NHS in a way which isn't trapped by that definition above? I would be fascinated to see how you do it.

Please enjoy the rest of your socialist life.
That should raise his blood pressure a bit. If he goes down the NHS, I suppose they'll treat it for him with a life-long treatment of expensive Big Pharma drugs.


Archie Dean said...


Good stuff - absolutely spot on!

Blue rinse socialists indeed.

With regard to....

"Here's my pointless response which no-one will read, and even if they do, completely ignore, but it does make me feel better to know that at least they have seen a glimpse of the truth, even if they are incapable of understanding it".

your comment, it would appear, may have first to dodge the 'Blue Peep' moderating "shepherd". As of 12.48 at least the general flock remains unworried - or maybe the Maturin proposals have already been removed on grounds of being worrisome or seditious or something !!

Best wishes,

Archie Dean

Anonymous said...

Blue rinse Maggie - move on old boy.

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