Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doug Casey Revisits the Greater Depression and Explains the Realities of Investing in the 21st Century

Worth reading every word, from The Guvnor, to protect yourself from the damage your stupid government is going to inflict upon you in order to protect its own future:
"The Greater Depression began, I believe, in 2007, and will get much worse because not just the US government, but every major government in the world, has been doing not just the wrong things but exactly the opposite of the right things.

The right thing would be for these governments to get totally out of the picture. What they are doing instead is inserting themselves further into the economy. But I suppose this is what the average person wants them to do because, idiotically, the average person thinks that the government is some kind of a magic cornucopia and is the solution to their problems – when actually government is the basic cause of all these problems. Its only products are taxes, regulations, and inflation – along with wars, pogroms, persecutions and the like. Government produces nothing. So I guess I'm not overly sympathetic to them; they are pretty much going to get what they deserve in the years to come.

The Greater Depression is on a temporary hiatus at the moment because the stimulus measures and extra debt these governments have created to deal with the crisis have given the appearance of a recovery; but in the months to come, things are going to devolve back to the financial chaos of a year or two ago and actually get much, much worse. I hate to make such a gloomy forecast, if only because people that draw wacky conclusions from sources like Nostradamus, the Bible, and the Mayan calendar are so prone to do so. But I'm not talking about the end of the world, just a bit of a social and economic upheaval – and we've had plenty of those over the centuries.

So, in brief, we're kind of in the eye of the storm at the moment, but I expect this thing is going to be much worse on the other side of the hurricane. And it's not going to be brief; this could linger on for years with a lot of consequences, not just the obvious economic and financial ones."

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