Friday, December 12, 2008

Weather: Coldest start to winter since 1976

Must be due to global warming. Or, errr..., precipitate hydride volatility, or, errr..., climate change, or summink. It won't be due to changes in the Sun's energy output, or anything cosmological, but will definitely be due to anthropogenic global warming. Oh yes.

See here for details, on Britain's coldest winter for over 30 years.

More accompanying cant, of course, from the EU today, where the Euro Parasites decided to reduce my energy expenditure by 20%, because enough voter morons are around who still believe in anthropogenic global warming.

Check out this article which shocks us with the revelation that scientists think (no doubt using incredibly sophisticated models easily capable of predicting the future a hundred years out) that the world's sea level will rise by a whole two metres, by 2100. I wonder if residents will notice in the Severn Estuary area, where they regularly get tides over 15 metres deep. I actually wonder if anybody at all will notice, including the residents of Tuvalu or the Maldives, the world's lowest countries.

BTW, I love this quote from David Vaughan of the British Antarctic Survey (another parasite organisation sucking up another 400 useless salaries from the tax generator class):

"...If you're looking further ahead than 2100 - and many governments are, including the Netherlands and the UK which are thinking about infrastructure that would last more than 100 years - then that second century still looks quite scary." - My italics!
Come on, David. Gordon Brown is looking no further ahead than the day after the next election, and no civil servant is really thinking about anything at the moment except whether they will get their promised government pension in the next couple of decades, or whether the currency they might get paid in will be worth anything. To imagine that "the government" is seriously planning the next hundred years, when it can hardly stumble from one day to another without bouncing on the financial landmines of its own unintended consequences, really does let you into the pompous mindset of these arrogant people, who have the grandiose world view that they must inflict their superior guardianship over the proles of the next ten generations.

Obviously, if Aubrey de Grey is right, with his predictions that relatively soon we will all possess the opportunity to live forever, as Tolkienesque elves, then there might be some merit in discussing the next two hundred years, but really; these deranged people are growing beyond caricature. Fortunately, the coming storm of the depression will hopefully knock out a lot of their funding and give everyone more important things to think about, such as where the next meal or pay cheque is coming from, rather than what level the sea may be at in a hundred years.

Britain, as a governmental entity, won't even exist in 50 years, never mind a hundred. We'll either be slaves in a world government gulag ruled over by either Brussels, Washington, Moscow, Beijing, or Delhi (take your pick), or we'll be living in tiny independent city states, certainly no bigger than Scotland, and possibly as small as an Englishman's castle (which obviously, is the preferred option).

But whatever the case, anthropogenic global warming will have been long forgotten in a hundred years. Hopefully by then people will also have remembered what most of us were taught in the 1970s; that we are living in an inter-glacial period, and that the real weather terror of the next millennium will be the next ice age.

And no. That won't be our fault, either.

Karl Popper must be spinning in his unfalsifiable grave, at the thought of these legions of state-fed "scientists" who can only come to one conclusion, no matter what the evidence. Thank goodness then for the 31,072 real open-minded scientists who signed this petition declaring themselves against this ongoing slough of nonsense.

They should be commended for their willingness to suffer funding cuts from the orthodox marxist environmentalists in charge of most government research handout agencies.

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