Friday, December 19, 2008

God is an Austrian

St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

Catholocism has long been associated with Austrianism, which is a religion with a very deep streak of forgiveness and individual toleration, plus a wish for peace for mankind, combined with a moralistic bent about the rights of life, liberty, and property (and various other religious commandments).

But what about the long-schismed Church of England? Well, after last night it appears that the Archbishop of Canterbury too may also be a secret Austrian, when he accused Gordon Brown of behaving like a drug addict, when it comes to using debt to solve a crisis which came about because of the government's use of debt.

Fantastic! ;-)

Obviously the great childish brute of Downing Street couldn't take it like a man, and responded like a prickly spiteful child. But then, what's new, Pilgrim?

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