Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Damian Green arrest: Michael Martin must live up to office of Speaker

Andrew Gimson writes a splendid side-swipe article to attack our useless speaker of the house of commons, a man who one suspects didn't even know that we once had a miserable scottish king who we beheaded, who thinks the dragging of the speaker to his chair is a tradition acquired from 1970s rock concerts, and who thought that the entire job of speaker was merely a cunning excuse to forge even more taxi receipt expenses.

Maturin article comment:

Posted by Jack Maturin on December 2, 2008 9:27 AM

The man is a disgrace. He should be dragged from his chair by MPs of all parties and thrown into the street. No, into the gutter. For that is where this oaf truly belongs.

And then when he's lying there, hapless and feeble, they can all shower him with blank taxi receipt slips, which they take from the blank pads they've all bought from friendly taxi drivers.

They are all a disgrace. But in dragging this man into the gutter, they can at least pay us back a little for some of the expenses they have stolen from us all, over the years.

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