Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Gordon Brown frightened of elections?

Iain Martin of the Torygraph posits an interesting article which debates whether Gordon Brown has the cojones to call an election. Obviously, given such a red rag, Maturin Towers felt obliged to throw its two and half pence into the ring:

UPDATE: Alas, the Torygraph comment mediator didn't feel able to release my comment onto their web pages (it was posted well before the last comment shown). But here it is in its unpublished glory, anyway. BTW, I perfectly respect the right of the Torygraph to disbar any comments it doesn't approve of. Their web site is their property, and I claim no 'right' to 'have my voice heard'. Seems a terrible shame though that they do seem to operate a censorship programme. I suppose my calling Brown a Stalinist in the first line may have put them off. Or it may just be a computing error. Whatever the case, it's their web site, so if they either employ rubbish technology which loses comments or if just don't like certain comments or commenters, then that's their business.

UDATE II: For some strange reason, my comment finally appeared quite a number of hours after I posted it. Come on, Torygraph. Get with the program.

Maturin Towers comment:

Jack Maturin on December 18, 2008 at 11:39 AM

Being a petty Stalinist, it will never be Brown's inclination to hazard an election with more than one candidate in it, if there is any other choice on offer.

However, he must have an election within two years, to retain any form of legitimacy; so from his point of view, the sooner he goes to the country the better, because this is going to be the mother of all recessions, which is mainly because of the Keynesian stupidity of his bailout policies, which failed in the 1930s, which failed in the 1970s, and more recently, which failed in Japan.

Mandelson will therefore be imploring Brown to go in February, whereas Brown will be resisting, due to his definitive yellow-belly streak of pusillanimous cowardice.

However, in the last few days the Labour Party officially stated that an early election would not be in the public interest. Therefore, following the golden rule that you should always believe the exact opposite of what any politician says about anything at all, and combining this with the announcement yesterday that the troops are coming home from Iraq, the Tories are right to expect a February election.

It is Brown's only chance of winning. After this, even the client-state payroll vote may turn against him, in the style of 1979, once his arrogant actions at punishing the competent to bail out the incompetent, bring us first stagflation, then price and wage controls, and then shortages of goods and employment. When you have no money and no food, even if you live within the heart of Middlesbrough you will finally be tempted to vote against the Labour Party.

His only other chance of hanging on to power is to deliberately engineer such a disastrous financial meltdown that he is 'forced' to suspend elections, 'in the public interest', and declare martial law.

Obviously, with the short-termist headline-aware way he has handled the banking crisis, which defies belief, when instead of massively curtailing consumption spending he has massively increased it, this could be exactly what he has been up to.

I would put nothing past the self-delusional hubris and self-interested spite of this manic depressive tyrant.

Not that the Tories will be any better, of course. At least they won’t be foolish enough to waste another hundred billion pounds on ID cards, but aside from that, will it really make any difference which political party is in charge of the train set, if they’re all going to follow the same Keynesian policies of inflation, borrowing, and spending, to cure a crisis caused by inflation, borrowing, and spending?

How about we have an election where “None of the Above” is mandated on all ballot papers, and if “None of the Above” wins, we can sack the lot of them, and all of their client-state apparatchiks? Now that would be an election worth voting in.

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