Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I, Tarquinius Brown

As the descendants of those who defeated Varus in the Teutoberg forest, the English have always had a history of resisting the encroachments of imperial tyranny and preserving the tender flame of liberty. The history of the English-speaking people has thus been an unrelenting one of bidding for freedom against the might of the state, whether it be the Scottish Stuart hegemony of the 17th century here in England or the British government in North America in the 18th century. Until today that is, when that fat Scottish wretch, Gordon Brown, sold England's multi-millennial history down the river for the hinted promise of two and a half years of being the Emperor of Europe, in a few year's time, when this hated man is forced from these shores to take up his rotten parasitical post in the Washington DC of the East, Brussels.

Just looking at this disgusting loathsome Marxist makes me feel putrid to the stomach. The sooner he gets back north of the border to an independent Scotland, the better. I have no doubt our Celtic cousins will know what to do with this stinking foetid offal of a human being once the brainwashed English finally throw this Quisling monarch off our throne.


John East said...

Perhaps you should you retitle this piece "traitors" and put up a picture of Nick Clegg as well.

Jack Maturin said...

I'm sorry, but every time my eyes fall upon the spineless Nick Clegg they just slide right off him to something more interesting, such as a toy Sponge Bob or a Guinea Pig feed tray. Therefore I have no idea what he looks like, or what his opinions are, or why he bothers getting up in the morning.

I'll give Gordon one thing. If I was going to become a socialist again, I would become a (secret) hard core Stalinist, just like he is (and revert to my old position). At least hard core envious socialism combined with a total intense hatred of all of the works of mankind has a certain philosophical solidity to it, based as it is upon a revolted disgust and intolerance of "selfishness". Being one of nature's natural extremists I just can't help myself! ;-)

But just what are the "Liberals" for? Are they there merely to collect their expenses, get free lunches from journalists, to feel important when they're being interviewed live on Parliament Green, ...

Err .... Ahh .... I suppose to ask is to know! :-)