Wednesday, March 19, 2008

State censorship, where are you when we need you?

OK, I take it all back. The state is magnificent. Her glorious handsome servants are in it entirely for the benefit of the people rather than themselves. Gordon Brown is a colossus whom I am unworthy even to look upon. The speaker of the house of commons is a classically educated polymath who would never line his delicate silken pockets with pelf stolen from the taxpayer. Tony Blair's wife is a lovely warm human being. Etc.

I will believe all of this and more, if only MI5 would institute a 'D' notice on Heather McCartney and stop me from being ever able to see her face or hear her voice ever again. Please. Now. Immediately.

State censorship? I love it. Or at least I would if it would pull its finger out and take this dreadful woman out of our lives. The sooner the better.

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