Monday, June 21, 2010

Stand by your wallets

The British government in action

Tomorrow morning, that economic klutz George Osborne is going to attempt to empty your wallet to make you pay for the British government's mistakes, to ensure that British government staff don't have to suffer for these mistakes and to make sure that you bear the cost of all of this jobbery.

Osborne's plan won't work, of course, and they'll still end up printing their way out of this, rather than daring to take a real axe to all of that spending above their means.

So when the recession comes back again, for Part II, after its rest while the Keynesian stimulus was tried, we'll really know how George's desperate plan has done.

It ain't gonna be pretty.

Make sure you get a good accountant. Avoid as much of this theft as you can. Spend what you can save on physical gold and store it in such a way that the British government cannot steal it from you when they get really desperate in a few years' time.

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