Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is the world's supply of oil virtually inexhaustible?

Crazy stuff from an Austrian physicist named Gold.

Or is it crazy?

I hope no-one tells the Mogambo Guru. His oil futures may be worth less than he thought.


Paul said...

Hmm, sounds very interesting. Not at all implausible to me (but what do I know?).

How do we know which theory is right? Don't look at the scientific/university process to reveal the truth for you, people there tend to form cartels to protect their orthodox theories (as explained by Henry Bauer here and here).

Science advances one funeral at a time...

Jack Maturin said...

Nice line about funerals.

I shall steal it from you and use it without attribution at some point in the future to show how clever I am! :-)

Paul said...

Welcome to the club! ;-)

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