Saturday, May 29, 2010

What does a £40,000 pound rent boy look like?



Maybe when they raise capital gains tax next week, the Westminster hackers will be able to buy £60,000 pound rent boys? It's amazing what the government can achieve when they set their minds to a thing.


Anonymous said...

I so wish this had been Vince Cable caught up in this. The quicker he is discredited and forced to resign from the Govt the better in my view.

As for Laws - I had understood that he was at least more pro-free market than most Lib-Dems, was trying to take a hatchet to the Public Sector and recognised the urgency of doing so before gilt strikes set in left, right and centre.

Jack Maturin said...

We need the gilts strikes to set in.

Then we can get the govt living within its means, at last.

Buying gilts is immoral, anyway.

The people of this country who have been fleeced to pay the coupons and capital of British government gilts should repudiate these British governments debts.

When the mob takes out a loan, why should the people in its self-considered turf be obliged to pay these loans off? said...

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