Friday, May 14, 2010

Mr Cricket Saves Australia

Pakistan almost beat Australia, in the T20 world cup semi-final, but the Australian batting line-up was simply too strong, especially Cameron White, and Mr Cricket himself, Mike Hussey.

Should be a great game on Sunday, against the South African Second XI (currently masquerading as the England team).

Let's just hope Jensten Buttonia can do the business too, in the Grand Prix.


Paul said...

While so called "civilized" world talks about guys with paddles on dry land, rest of the world follows sumo, where Baruo remain undefeated.

Even the mouth piece of the Masters of the Universe (for now) notices the handsome Estonian.

Jack Maturin said...


Isn't that Japanese for: "I'm very fat"?

Paul said...
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Paul said...

No it means "I'm very big and fast and can push your bony ass off the ring in half-a-second".