Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ten Billion and Counting...

Crikey, last week the 2012 London Olympics was going to cost £9 billion, according to official figures (whatever the heck they are - I suppose something knocked out on the back of an envelope in the Red Lion pub, by drunken Treasury wonks).

This week, official figures say these miserable rotten games, held in the arse-end of town, in Stratford, are going to cost £10 billion! Come on, guys. At this rate, it's going to hit Maturin's reasonable target of £15 billion before the end of March. It may even reach Maturin's unreasonable target of £30 billion by Christmas. I only hope I'm wrong on both counts. But I still fear £15 billion is the absolute least this disaster is going to cost the wealth producers of this country. I mean, 5 years to go, and the cost is going up by a £1 billion a week!

Oh, well. It's only other people's money. Let's just hope it doesn't rain.

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