Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Fungal Growth of the EU

According to the principles of statism first outlined by Judge Samuel in the Bible, the state will forever try to expand, to increase its taxation income range, while passing off the costs of this constant attempted expansion onto its current set of obligated taxpayers. And so the expansion of the EU state continues ever onward, with this week the announcement of its first entry into the European-wide harmonization of criminal law.

So what would you have thought their first foray into this area would have been? An EU-wide murder law, perhaps, or an EU-wide kidnap law? These, I suppose, would have made some kind of sense, as both are universal crimes following on from the principles of natural law.

But the usage of the words sense and EU in the same paragraph really is asking too much; the first EU-wide law will instead cover fly-tipping. Yes, as part of the noble aspirational dream of the re-creation of Augustus Caesar's bloody European empire, we will shortly be subjected to draconian laws on fly-tipping. Thank goodness for the EU, then. For without them where would we be, but covered in bags of garbage tipped onto to us by our neighbours.

Yes, without the planned ten-year jail sentence for dumping bags of refuse on the property of a neighbour, I would feel compelled to do just this. So it is a relief that this new law will now stop me.

Does anyone in the British government have the temerity to point out that for murder you get about three years in jail, while this hideous practice of fly-tipping will get you ten, which seems a little arbitrary?

No, of course not, because this new law is riding on the back of the new socialist God, which neatly replaced their previous failed God of communism, and this is, of course, the God of environmentalism. Any state action now done in the name of this divine principle automatically gains knee-jerk approval, no matter how hare-brained or out of proportion to the evil anti-environmental acts it is supposedly protecting us from.

We are living in a world of irrational fools, folks. Unfortunately, most of them are the ones pointing the guns of government at us.

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