Monday, January 19, 2009

That Obama inauguration speech again in full

I have a dream my fellow Americans as we walk in the promised land and feel my fury. For I am His son and His begetter and His Chosen One. And here is the message that my Father, the Lord God, gave me this fine morning:

"It will all be George Bush’s fault."

Thank you, Amen, Hallelujah, I love you all of my brothers and sisters, please tip your waitresses, etc.


not an economist said...

I don't mind Bush being blamed. He is fair game. But its the slighting of the reputation of capitalism that bothers me.

I see this as principally a failure of government myself: excessively loose monetary policy which created the environment in which banks were first able and then (to some extent) pushed into the loosening credit. Without the loosening of credit (i.e., low interst rates) then any boom attributable to financial deregulation or the Community Reinvestment Act (in the States) would have been limited (basically because the money just would not have been available for the banks to loan).

A knock on effect of the discrediting of capitalism is that free market based solutions to this crisis will not be tried. The alternative? Increased government control of the economy and the diminuition of personal freedom. I think you have developed this development very effectively over the last few weeks.

If Obama's ideology was informed by Austrianism I'd be one of this strongest supporters. He could be Ron Paul but black and I'd be cheering him on. Unfortunately thats not the case. Maybe Obama's slogan for the recent Presidential election should have been "No change - because we won't".

Jack Maturin said...

At least watching "The Procession" of Obama around Virginia, we can see how ancient Egyptians so heavily worshipped each new Pharoah as an incarnation of the Sun God, despite the obvious mortal fraility of each new incumbent to the two crowns of Egypt.

It would appear these primitive religious feelings of awe and superstitious reverence never left us.