Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The news continues to get worse each day, as we steamroller down the national socialist slope towards a fully government-owned economy:

=> Taxpayers to own part of small businesses

My own small business is struggling, so I will understand the temptation of other self-employed people to let the dead hand of government into their businesses, just as I can understand why private schools would let an encroaching government voucher system into their schools, but this creeping national socialism, starting with the banks, is beginning to become dangerous, as the dead hand of the poverty-inducing central state reaches out to strangle us all.

While we're at it, check out this 1993 quote from Hans-Hermann Hoppe, in his seminal book, "The Economics and Ethics of Private Property":

Economically, this coalition between the state—as the dominant partner—and the banking system—as its affiliate—leads to permanent inflation (constrained only by the imperative of not overdoing it and causing a breakdown of the entire monetary system), to credit expansion and steadily recurring boom-bust cycles, and to a smooth uninterrupted income and wealth redistribution in the state’s and the banks’ favor.

Still more important, however, are the sociological implications of this alliance: With its formation a ruling class whose interests are tied in closely with those of the state is established within civil society. Through its cooperation the state can now extend its coercive power to practically every area of society
Then check out these stories from today's Torygraph:

=> Banker to join Government as Trade Minister
=> Treasury mulls bad bank for toxic debt

As Hoppe says in his book, before the alliance between the banks and the state, it was clear to see who in society were the parasites and who in society were the producers. As Mises also warned, once the bankers and the state created a counterfeiting coalition, a veil was drawn over the differences between parasites and producers, and a dangerous ongoing trend was established towards creeping national socialism.

That is the road on which we are now running, at full tilt, into the abyss of serfdom.

For more on how banks and the state coalesced to steal our wealth and how they took our wealth and freedoms along the way, check out chapter three of Hoppe's master work:


It is now time to start leaving the country. Do it in any way that you can. I understand that you may have difficulties doing this. I have similar difficulties myself. But get out. And take as much gold with you as you can, and other liquid hard assets.

If you a still a 'British' patriot, then leaving will be the best thing you can do. Because you will be taking your wealth and skills with you and leaving the parasites here less to steal from. This means they will die quicker and the next Margaret Thatcher will find it easier to arise, come in, and then sort this mess out. That might be the time to come back, though possibly you may find your pool, air conditioning, and low tax lifestyle a little too hard to give up.

And forget Cameron and Osborne, and all of their blue rinse cronies. They are part of the same shooting match. Getting out of this mess is going to take a stronger revolution than perhaps even the one we had in 1979, and it will take much more than the frizzy hair of a Sir Keith Joseph to get it started.

Help them, whoever it is, by getting out. If you can. Alas, I may still be here when you get back, a greatly impoverished husk of a man, but to save this country we all need to try to leave it before capital controls and other exodus-reducing measures are also brought in to stop us.

The Gulag is on its way, one bailout at a time. You have, as they say, been warned.

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not an economist said...

"It is now time to start leaving the country."

May I add that people need to be thinking about, and doing this, as soon as is feasible. Not far down the road will be controls designed to stop all types of resources leaving the country - from financial to people themselves.

When the govt can't get people to take on its debt - say next year - expect a campaign against greedy investors choosing to invest abroad rather than in the mother couuntry that has given them "free" education, health care, a pension etc... This will mirror the current treatment of bankers. As net emigration rises significantly the same rules will be applied, stopping people taking their savings and investments with them where possible. And then when stopping people taking their wealth with them doesn't stop the emigration expect formal controls on people leaving. You also have to consider the context: further economic stagnation and even deteioration and hyperinflation (the latter fuelled by Brown's/Mandy's frankly ridiculous monetary policy). As with the banking crisis this will all be blamed on the market: the rich who invest abroad, the producers who increase their prices to exploit the poor, the capitlaists who have selfishly bled the country dry and are now leaving. For a while at least I would expect Labour to have a field day as thy exploit people's desperation at their plight and kick their favourite "hate groups" to build up support.

This may sound extreme but then so much as happened in the last 11 years that people would never have expected to happen back in 1996 ranging from ID cards, the rapid extension of CCTV almost everywhere you go, govt building up super data basees that will contain so much detail about our private lives, the anti terrorist legislation which is justified by the contemptuous retort to all opposition: "Oh ... got sthg to hide have you????", the rapid extension of statism in the economy in the light of the economic downturn. Unfairly or not free market ideas have been firmly discredited in the eyes of many as a result of the mishandling of the world economy by govts and central banks. As a result the only credible and legitimate response popularly is seen to be increased government control over our livesw. And when the results of their interventions are not to the liking of the govt's themselves they will simply blame the market and extend control even further, deleting even more apects of our once private worlds. After all its all in the national interest and only people with sthg to hide or selfish would dare to want to do anything else.