Monday, January 26, 2009

Politicians discovered to be corrupt shock

I'm shocked, shocked to find that corruption is going on in the Mother of Parliaments!

This makes me the exception, of course. Nobody else in England is shocked that four politicians have had their prices exposed for altering laws.

I suppose it's nice to find out that the going rate is about £120,000 pounds and that the once supposedly pristine 'Mother of Parliaments' is about as spotless as a South American banana republic. However, it's not the financially corrupt politicians that worry me.

It's the clean ones, like Gordon Brown, driven by ideology, who are the really dangerous ones.

Aside from perhaps the dodgy way he acquired his London flat from the supposedly deceased Robert Maxwell, I'll bet Gordon Brown has never taken an unpublished penny from anyone, into his own personal bank accounts.

Yes, we've had the Bernie Ecclestone story, but that was about funding the Labour Party as a vehicle for entrenching socialist power, rather than personal self-aggrandisement on the part of Brown himself. And he was even guilty about this, bless him. What was it he said again, after lying on the BBC about this:

'I lied. I lied. My credibility will be in shreds. I lied. If this gets out, I'll be destroyed.'
If a politician is personally crooked, it means that at least he likes the finer things in life. He likes to wear £250 pound shirts, £500 pound shoes, and £2000 pound suits. But the only way to supply these goods is to allow a thriving market in shirt makers, shoemakers, and tailors. So although it is disgusting, rotten, and immoral that these people use the force of law to screw the rest of us, at least they still allow us a little laissez faire freedom to supply them with the luxuries they crave. Plus, the knowledge of their corrupt activity also reduces the power of politicians overall. Everyone stops trusting politicians because they are known to be crooked, so they lose a substantial part of their legitimacy over us.

The problem with the hair-shirt fanatics like Gordon Brown is that they cannot be bought off. They will stop at nothing before they destroy this country first, in the name of their God, the State.

They are the ones we ought to be really worried about. Though at least, I suppose, this affair brings us closer to the day when we will see the end of this particular lunatic tyrant.

Alas, I fear that Brown has already wreaked enough damage to ensure his legacy of a wrecked country, for decades to come, whatever anyone else may do when they come into power; unless of course they are brave enough to try the Austrian solution of stopping inflation and slashing government spending.

But hell will almost certainly suffer a major global cooling event before that will come to pass.

The solution may be to bypass politicians entirely, should we ever be brave enough to try it without scuttling into the clutches of the Eurozone first, to shield ourselves from Brown's legacy of a destroyed pound sterling.

From the frying pan into the fire. What a banana.


Anonymous said...
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Jack Maturin said...

No trolls please. Moderation is such a chore.

Gekko said...

"so they lose a substantial part of their legitimacy over us"

As a good anarcho-capitalist surely you don't believe they have any such legitimacy to start with. :) It's only the politicos themselves and the starry-eyed 'citizen' types (who are clearly suffering from mass Stockholm Syndrome) that say we should pay homage to such self-appointed Platonic idols. Ok, I know that's about 99% of the population but it doesn't mean they're right. At least I hope not... ;)

Jack Maturin said...

Obviously, as an anarcho-capitalist, I speak about "legitimacy" in terms of most people believing politicians have the right to rule over them.

This "legitimacy" wanes the more people realise that they are just being ripped off.

BTW, I couldn't believe the pathetic House of Lords apology by the worst of these crooks, yesterday. You almost don't mind hyper-intelligent Dr. Evil types trying to rip us off, for a bit of sport. But when it's just feeble-brained old hacks it's appalling, for showing us how stupid we are to accept the selfish immoral fraudulent thievery from such cretins.

BTW#2, when the revolution comes, brother, as a good anarcho-capitalist I shall be swathed in the Black Flag, and to heck with political "legitimacy"! :-)