Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Addict Needs More Heroin

And so it would appear that Badger Darling, is willing to do anything to keep the British government’s financial system afloat. Anything, that is, except cut government spending. Yes, he’s perfectly willing to “borrow” another £100 billion pounds in my name, all of which will come out of thin air, thus ramping us further towards hyperinflation and inevitably higher delayed taxation. However, the several million masturbatory Stasi on the government’s salary rosters will still remain a'bed, occasionally flexing their weary Mafiosi muscles to police the British government’s unending regulations controlling every aspect of our lives.

And so the rotten criminality at the heart of this system, the ability of the Bank of England – and the fractional reserve banking system it manages – to create counterfeit money out of thin air, will continue apace; unchecked, unbalanced, and without the merest sign of criticism. Indeed, it remains essential; otherwise the open market division within the Bank of England will be unable to pump up the currency enough to generate the £100 billion needed by Darling to keep his Stasi soldiers fed with their ill-gotten rations.

Thus, the great confusion of money, that it is a source of wealth in itself rather than a medium of exchange, will be used to fool the public once again to continue supporting these Whitehall clowns.

Instead of the price system thus being allowed to give us one necessary year of pain, for it to correct the dreadful economic malinvestments driven by a decade of endless counterfeiting to keep Brown’s Boom going, we will cheerfully enter a decade of stagflation and increasing socialism – Brown’s Bust – probably ending in the deaths of millions in some dreadful utterly unnecessary war. The price politicians will pay in our lives and in our livelihoods to keep the great fiction going of the necessity of the central banking monetary system is quite simply unpardonable. If I believed in a hell, I would wish them all to burn in it for their hubristic sins.

What’s even more frightening is that the fool Darling appears to have no clue as to how any of this works. Does anybody in the government, politician or bureaucrat, know what’s going on? One suspects not. Even as they buy up old government bonds with counterfeit cash to keep this monster going, under the illusion that what they are doing so surreptitiously is a good thing, I really am coming to believe that they have absolutely no idea as to the consequences of their actions and that they are merely reacting to events, at all times, with their internal mantra holding that whatever is good for the government in the short term is good for everyone else in the long term, no matter what lies they tell us in the meantime to keep this dreadful Ponzi scheme rolling.

What a bunch of self-interested criminal idiots. When their almost inevitable World War III comes up, if it hasn’t already in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, I want all of these cretins placed in the front line, hopefully without body armour. We will then see if they think that this endless reviving of their socialist economic corpse has been worth it.

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