Friday, April 14, 2006

Peace is War

Are you worried about Condaleeza's latest warning to Iran that only the US has a God-given right to explode nuclear weapons over the heads of civilians?

You should be. Because with the failure of the Iraqis to bend their knees to US hegemony, the only show in town is going to be an invasion of Iran to take the eyes of US voters off the continuing inflationist failure of the Republican Party.

I took a little flak a month or two ago when I suggested that the US government would be instigating an Iranian invasion, but I'm afraid the curse of Maturin is once again weaving its evil magic. The American Army will be in Iran within two years. You read it here first.

London will experience its first open-air nuclear explosion shortly afterwards. From the bunker, Tony Blair, who'll still for some reason be in power, will say the two events are unlinked. And then we'll get a really lovely Fascist military dictatorship to die for.

Welcome to the 21st century.

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