Monday, April 10, 2006

The Gifts of Government Geeks

Calling all Geeks!

As business is a bit slack this week in the run-up to Easter, I thought I should report upon a little-discussed phenomenon, which is; what happens to Geeks when they work for government agencies, particularly those Geeks who work for 'Security' organs; i.e. those organs dedicated to increasing the security of the state by removing everyone elses?

For as thou shalt see, it is a law as rock-solid as the propensity of Bonking Jorris Bonson to matriculate with attractive wenches, that if thou shouldst work for thine government, as a Geek, thy shouldst become fat, clad in nylon, or otherwise repellent to the opposite sex, as witnessed by these government Geeks below:

Whereas if thou shouldst rebel against thy government and seek to destroy its organs from within, thy shouldst become slim, clad in leather, or otherwise irresistible to the opposite sex:

So Geeks, thee haveth been warned: Work for thy governments and thou shalt be sex Pigs. Work against thy governments and thou shalt be sex Gods. Which choice haveth thee in mind for thine Geekness? Be thy careful out there. Go forth and grep!

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