Monday, April 10, 2006

The Chris Tame Legacy

I never knowingly met the man, so unfortunately I can't pass any direct comment, but it was good that the Daily Torygraph did an obituary on Chris Tame, to help throw some light onto his work, which seems to have sparked something of a Tamist rethink on the Torygraph. For instance, Danny Kruger has written a great Tamist article, most of which I agree with, entitled Liberty is a subject they won't teach in Brown's nurseries. (Keep it rolling Danny. You may not be a libertarian, but I think we'll be on the same side of the barricade when the revolution comes.)

All the 800 pamphlets Kruger mentions, which somebody in the Stupid Party may read some day, can be accessed here.

As a very occasional co-traveller with the other Libertarian Alliance, it might seem a good time for the two libertarian alliances to get together. But then we are hit with the eternal problem of all anarcho-capitalists everywhere; they really do hate collectives. Which sometimes is a damn shame.

On a personal note, if I manage to leave even a tenth of the input created by Chris Tame to help us all reach a Totally Voluntary Society, when the Great Belgian Beer Brewer calls me to the Cherry Orchard in the sky, I'll have been doing well. So let us hope that his work eventually gets the results it deserves. And thank you, Mr Tame, for having provided us with so many weapons to help us attack the enemy. You will not be forgotten.

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