Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Short Walk to Fascism

And so, with an Orwellian haste to rush us towards the horror of a Eurasian police state, the thugs and other mental retards of the Labour Party have pushed the ID card issue closer towards compulsion.

Most on the Labour back benches, who slam-dunked this measure through the House of Commons, will have read Nineteen Eighty-Four. Many of these will have come into politics, in the first place, as anti-authoritarian socialists, decrying Pinochet, Thatcher, and the ID-card based Apartheid South Africa.

And yet they now find themselves walking through the lobby which will condemn this country to an almost guaranteed fascist servitude at some point in the future; they have certainly made it easier for such a situation to come about, if it hasn't already. Their reward for this short walk through the Aye lobby will be their continuing fat tax-fed Commons salaries and pensions, for not much effort, plus an opportunity for personal advancement within the Labour Party. The price for this reward will be my freedom. Bastards.

No doubt such ugly creatures have long since learned how to look at themselves in the mirror, despite being such utter craven turds.

The real crunch will come when I get my ID card sent to me, along with my next passport. Obviously, the scissors will be out, and the damn thing will be sliced and flushed down the toilet. But do I present myself at the police station, if I can find one in rural Oxfordshire, and demand to be placed in a prison immediately, or do I wait for the boys in big boots to come and get me when I refuse to present my non-existent ID card to some arrogant government twerp with a clipboard doing a random sweep in a shopping centre? Decisions, decisions.

I suppose they'll try to attach themselves to my bank accounts, and kick me into submission via the financial route; I earn far too much tax for them to lock me away. So the real question is, how can we all manage to get into jail for non-possession of the card, without losing any money in the process? No doubt even if we solve that one, they'll then use the usual terrorist trick of threatening our families to get us to bend our knees and tug our forelocks.

Political prisoners anyone? It makes me feel sick to the stomach to be British.

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Julius Blumfeld said...

Yes. It hasn't been a very good week for libertarians.