Monday, February 13, 2006

An Introduction to the Austrian School

I searched in vain for an entry level book on Austrian Economics, but I obviously wasn't searching hard enough. I would like to thank everyone who helped me go in the right direction towards Gene Callahan's Economics for Real People: An Introduction to the Austrian School:

When my ordered copy arrives, a review will be forthcoming as soon as God, Virgin Atlantic, and my more demanding business clients are willing. Chapter 13, Times are Hard, is available online at Gene's own site. There is also searchable access to the book, via Amazon.

The book is available to purchase via:

But you gain more brownie points from heaven if you order the book from:

Now just where is that Federal Express postman? yeah, baby


Anonymous said...


You may be interested to know that Gene Callahan is one of Hoppe's most scathing critics. He has published excoriating refutations of Hoppe on 'argumentation ethics' and immigration. He is also in favour of fractional reserve banking.

You can see some of his online articles here:

Just thought you'd like to know.


Jack Maturin said...

He is also in favour of fractional reserve banking.

Ye Gods!

That man from Federal Express better get here quick! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thought that would tickle you. If you like you can come and meet Gene in person and explain to him where he is going wrong in London on the 27th February (yes - this month).

He will be speaking at a small informal open gathering here:

On Monday 27 February, 2006, Gene Callahan will give a
talk entitled "Does Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Explain Recessions?"

Meeting place is the London Center College,
Pride Court (Unit 1), third floor, 80/82 White Lion Street,
London, N1 9PF. The nearest tube is Angel, and White
Lion Street is just opposite the station. Admission Free.
All are welcome.

Coming Jack???

Anonymous said...

Can I come?


Jack Maturin said...

As luck would have it, I'm staying in a London hotel that evening, so it would be rude to refuse the opportunity.

I hope my book arrives in time, from New York. I'll get him to sign it and THEN tell me what's wrong with Herr Professor! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good. Look forward to seeing you there Jack. You can do a bit of advance swotting up if you like. Here is Gene's refutation of Hoppe on Argumentation Ethics:

Here is Gene's refutation of Hoppe on immigration:

and in follow up here:

And here is his defence of fractional reserve banking:

It would be good to see you. Everyone is very friendly and we'll probably go to the pub for a drink afterwards.

Jack Maturin said...

i. I'll have to think about the argumentation ethics piece. I'm pretty much still with Hoppe, after the first reading, as I think therefore I am a self-owning man. But it's a slippery piece that requires further thought. Boy, the anti-state boys have certainly got it in for Der HoppeMeister! :-)

ii. Babies? No problem for Hoppe. If two people on their own joint property decide to bring a baby into the world, go for it. Just don't expect other people on other private property to pay for it or allow it onto their land. And if they were living on rented property, where they agreed with the owner not to have babies, then they would be breaking a contract. On this and freedom of association Hoppe wins.

iii. Irish people? Being a large part Irish myself, genetically at least, I've no problem with Irish people. But if some Irish people living on their own private land wish to invite 10 Irish people to live with them, go for it. Once again though, these 10 new Irish people from the ol' country, should not expect the right to traverse other private property. And if our original inviting Irish person is renting land, rather than owning it, and agreed a rental caveat prohibiting the insertion of more Irish people onto the land, then once again a contract is being broken. Freedom of Association wins again. BTW, if you're ever in Athlone, in the middle of Ireland, right there on the Shannon, Sean's Bar is the only place to go. Unfortunately, you'll get Murphys in a Guinness glass, but apart from that it's quality.

iv. Here I also stray from Uncle Murray. If some idiots want to risk using fractional reserve notes they can go for it. But don't even TRY to pay me for MY services in fractional reserve notes as a punch in the self-owned mouth often offends. Maturin Enterprises requires 100% gold-backed cash notes from reputable private banks, only. If fact I'll be glad if my competitors use FRB notes, as they'll be more likely to go bust and give me an easier run at the market. It's a bit 'dog eat dog', I know, but hey, a man's gotta eat.

v. 'Probably' go for a drink? Bejesus. There ain't no 'probably' about it, not at all.

Anonymous said...

See you next week then.

Jack Maturin said...

What time is kickoff?

Jack Maturin said...

Don't you just love the Internet. A little googling on the address above revealed the following page, containing all necessary details for the Libertarian Alliance:

Meetings start at 7pm, apparently.