Friday, February 24, 2006

Karma Chameleon

Just what is a boy supposed to do?

David Cameron goes all flip-floppy on Tory policies, embracing whole-hearted socialist horrors such as the benefits of redistribution, in order to garner more votes for D. Cameron Esquire and then he hears this:

Voters think Cameron has credibility gap

Monkeys. Apparently, voters like David Cameron, but don't know what he stands for.

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen of the voting establishment, it's easy. In a nutshell, David Cameron stands for getting D. Cameron Esquire into power at whatever cost possible, especially if that cost is borne by other people's wallets; everything else rests upon that single Randian axiom.

But after hearing the news above, expect apprentice D. Cameron to now start displaying rock solid uncompromising principles, of a kind only a credible man could follow, like his masterful friend, T. Blair, on Iraq. And then next week, when the polls change, expect D. Cameron Esquire to display an entirely different set of rock solid principles. When the facts change, you know, David changes. What do you do?


Anonymous said...

Spot the difference:
One of them's a slippery, cold-blooded, fork-tongued reptile.
And the other's a chameleon.

Ba-doom, tish!

Jack Maturin said...

It's always good to work with a fellow fan of Harry Hutton. I'll set 'em up. You knock 'em down! :-)