Friday, December 23, 2005

The New Left

The UK Conservative Party, a.k.a. the Stupid Party, has finally signed up, completely, to the full Leninist program of International Socialism. Redistribution of other people's property to other people, with a healthy commission taken by the men who oversee the processs, has now become central to Tory principle, at least according to one of their main spokesmen, Fat Cat politician Oliver Letwin:

Letwin: We will redistribute wealth

Words simply fail me. I once held a torch for Mr Letwin. It fizzled out long ago, but to see him descend to this level of praise for property theft takes him to a new low. How much lower he goes in his bid for power, which will no doubt in some way enrich him significantly, I will not predict; the closer politicians come to a sniff of power the worse they get. But who would've thought when Margaret Thatcher was in power, that within a generation, Tory politicians would be openly praising redistribution? If she was in her grave, she would be turning.

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