Monday, December 19, 2005

A Few Thoughts on the New Tory Messiah

What do you think of this quote from David Cameron:
"I'm a practical person, and pragmatic. I know where I want to get to, but I'm not ideologically attached to one particular method."
Does it remind you of anyone?
"What counts is what works"
Yep, that's His Holiness Tony Blair, explaining that his guiding principle is that he never follows any guiding principles. Yes, you need to read Machiavelli's The Prince to work that one out, but it seems we're merely replacing one Third Way Messiah with another blockhead drawn from the same quarry.

From current newspaper polls, it looks as if David Cameron will win the next election, probably against Tax Farmer Brown. Well, wake me up when something interesting happens. When we replace one unprincipled man with yet another, we'll get the same democratic grasping for power and riches that we've had in this country for generations, which has sent us spiralling into our current binge-drinking happy-slapping welfare-induced morass.

Everything changes, everything stays the same. The less principles you have, the more democracy will reward you with its glittering baubles. The replacement of Blair by Cameron, with a walk-on part for Brown, just goes to show you that if you want to get on in politics, then don't be ashamed of your lack of principles; advertise it out loud. He who is worst, wins.

A plague on all their houses.

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