Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Tax Serf Writes

His Serene Highness the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom did me the honour today of having one of his toadies write to me, to tell me of the wonders of government plans to introduce yet more taxes on top of all the other taxes they charge for one daring to transport oneself about the land in search of sustenance.

What Mr Blair fails to realise, of course, is that when he says "this is not another stealth tax and is definitely not a further extension of Big Brother", if you're wearing well-padded Maturin Ears (patent not applied for), you hear exactly the opposite: "This is a stealth tax and this is definitely a further extension of Big Brother."

No doubt my reply below will be one of the millions trashed without any monkey in Whitehall reading it, despite my paying their ill-gotten wages, but it did make me feel slightly better to write and send it:

Dear Tony,

Why don't you just stick it where the sun doesn't shine and then clear off to America to make some loot. Please buy a one-way ticket. And don't come back.

A. Tax-Serf
Well, it keeps me off the streets.

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