Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The New Blogger - By God It's Atrocious

I suppose it's not coercion because I could always set up a new blog somewhere else, or even set up my own Interweb company specialising in blogs - but it sure feels like coercion, being compelled into using this new software or facing the tedious task of taking your non-paying custom elsewhere. And being a creature of habit I hate having to change anything.

Plus, on top of that, this 'New Blogger' technology is a load of old pants and I'm quite certain wouldn't have happened without Google trying to massage a lot more new users into using Google accounts.

Oh well, 'tis the way of the free world, I 'spose. Curses. (It's the old socialist in me again, trying to grumble his way out again. Ever felt like Gollum?)


cuthhyra said...

I haven't upgraded, although my fantastic new version of IE now screws up all blogspot headers when the old one was fine!

Jack Maturin said...

It may be time for a Macintosh. Though I'm secretly hankering for a Tablet, and they all seem to be PC-based. Choices, choices. Thank God for the free market.