Friday, March 07, 2008

The revolution is dead – long live the revolution!

And so, it would appear that the Good Doctor has decided that it is time for us all to wake up and come out from the depths of the magnificent dream we were all having. It was good while it lasted, I suppose. But Professor Hoppe's truths about democracy were always going to win in the end.

However, in a video reminding me somewhat of the rhetorical style of that other well-known revolutionary, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Ron Paul also spelled out the ongoing need for a long-term revolution based upon a cadre of hard-core believers to ensure that one day we will achieve our ends in these 'dangerous and exciting' times.

Crikey. Less homespun homily and more like David Hare's paean to Chairman Mao, the play Fanshen (based upon the book of the same name by American Marxist, William Hinton.)

Let us simply hope that we are as eventually successful in implementing our revolution as Lenin and Mao were in implementing theirs.

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