Monday, March 13, 2006

So Who Killed Milosevic?

Ok, so the socialist dictator of Serbia probably died of a heart attack. However, we on AngloAustria refuse to let inconvenient probabilities get in the way of good conspiracy theories, especially after watching the UN's panicky response to the affair.

So who's my money on?

Well, we have to ask the Cui Bono question, again; who benefits? Unfortunately, we tax slaves are unlikely to ever know. But if you forced me to make a bet, I'd put my money on either a clandestine EU intelligence agency, with perhaps a small side bet on the British. As a former head of state, Milosevic knew where an awfully large number of skeletons were buried, in a Machiavellian political sense as well as a chilling physical sense. Milosevic will have built himself a legal Doomsday device. If you take me down, he would have said in legal code, to other EU heads of state, I'll be taking you down with me.

If he was murdered, rather than dying naturally, I suspect he may have been straying too close to the pulsating red button on this Doomsday device and so the order will have been passed to close the mouth of Milosevic, permanently.

Other shackled European socialist dictators, one thinks of Napoleon on St Helena, may have been poisoned in their prison cells too, and so it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Milosevic was also killed before he caused any more trouble.

What is clear in my mind, however, is not who or what killed Milosevic, but the following question. If it is Ok for the EU to kidnap a man in his own country, for prosecuting illegal wars which murdered tens of thousands of innocent civilians, then why on earth are the EU's stormtroopers not battering down the gates of 10 Downing Street to drag away its current occupant to keep the Hague busy with yet another rogue socialist adventurer?

Now that would be a court case, especially on the day when Lord Goldsmith was called to the stand and asked to account for what happened in the ten missing days between the go ahead for the Iraq war and the final document he published declaring the war legal. Pressure, anyone? Go away and come back when you've got it right, anyone? I should coco.

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