Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Goodbye America

So, my friend lost his outrageous spread bet on McCain and I won't be getting a couple of glasses of celebratory chilled fizz. Chiz!

What we also know is that a committed and charismatic socialist is about to inflict his own form of American nationalism onto the greatest country that ever existed, a country created via the magnificent ideology of John Lockean libertarianism, which, in one of the greatest shocks in history, threw off 10,000 years of statism (as exemplified by the mercantilist British state, as founded by the terrorist Normans).

Yes, alas, the mercantilist statism of Alexander Hamilton became the poisonous seed that has now come to full fruition, within America, in the person of Obama, but it was still a great country once upon a time.

That greatness, and the liberty upon which it was founded, is now going to be nailed inside a lead socialist coffin. Obama's victory was the final hammer blow, despite the legions of hopeful supporters clamouring his name at rock-concert style "celebrations", in the vain hope that one man really can change their lives for the better, with a wave of his socialist wand. Such hope. And such disappointment that these people will have within about 15 minutes of Obama's acceptance speech.

Any Americans reading this may not agree, but if you don't, and you're not entirely sure what Obama is going to do to you over the next four years (except continue the police state, continue the Empire building, and continue your crucifixion via taxes, regulations, corruption, and inflation - in fact, all of the things that caused you to throw out us Brits), here is what he has in store for you:

Dear Lord. To read it, as so many haven't, is to shed a flood of tears. Good luck.

If only Ron Paul were now U.S. President, you might have had the slightest smidgin' of a chance. As it is, I can only say one thing:

Goodbye America. What a terrible shame.

Things really are going to change. You're going to get even more government than you've ever had before. The only real undecided is whether you are going to get either a more national socialist government, or a more hard-left socialist government. Ultimately, there is no difference of course. Both end up with concentration camps and both eventually become such economic basket cases that they implode of their own accord. The trouble comes from the damage they wreak to lives before this implosion finally occurs, as it inevitably will. You could get lucky, of course. It could be the softer national socialism of Mussolini that you get, rather than the Hitlerian kind, or the softer hard-left socialism of Castro that you get, rather than the Stalinist kind, but whichever way it breaks, you are in for a period of Marxist-inspired horror, where the black-shirts who currently greet us at your airports, are going to fan out from your ports of entry to start policing every aspect of your lives (if they haven't already).

(Not that a McCain victory would have made the slightest difference - I simply held one last impossible dream that at the last minute, for whatever reason, the Republicans would have deposed McCain and replaced him with Paul. Yes, I know this was a ridiculous wisp of emotion trying to trump the inevitability of full-blown national socialism within any democratic state, but as I said below, I still think that hope is the most marvellous element making up the human condition. I just don't think that there's much left for America, at least not until it has seen through this latest throw of the national socialist dice.)

And now I must end this post, which could continue for some time otherwise, to try to figure out how I personally survive the onrushing economic disaster which has yet to blow our way. We have, as yet, only felt the merest and lightest of its breezes. The full storm has yet to hit. Obama's victory has, however, brought this financial hurricane closer to the shore. It is only a matter of time now, with the impossibility of a Paul government, your last real chance, before this storm really hits the shore.

Don't believe me? Just come back in about three years, and we'll talk again. If it gets really bad, we may even let you rejoin our monarchist system, once we too have thrown off our own socialist chains over here on the sceptred isle.

I shall happily take on the role of the Duke of Indiana (wherever the heck that is). My first job will be to sack everyone there who works for the state, and then abolish my own ability to charge either salary or expenses. I shall also, of course, continue to live here in England and never visit that glorious territory, in the manner of William Penn. For what need does any of us have, to have our lives ruled over by other people seeking out their own personal interests?

Pip pip!!

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