Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who is God?

I think I have the answer. Yes, he's gay, he's from Cumberland, he's rude, and he's a Tory who grew up on a council estate. However, as I too grew up on a Cumberland council estate where I grew to become extremely rude, and because I used to be a Tory, I am quite thoroughly innoculated against such charges. Alas, although I spent a fabulous evening out recently in Sydney Australia, with two gay Dutch men, in the gay quarter, at a gay-favourite restaurant called "Bill's", I am, unfortunately, thoroughly heterosexual (and no, I'm not protesting too much). Yet, I still think this man is God, despite my Hoppeian tendencies. So who is he? Qui homines erat Deus Iuve? (As we cod-latinists say.)

Well, if you don't know, you've obviously not been watching a re-run of Monarchy, perhaps the greatest English history program ever made, or at least the best one I've ever had the privilege to watch. For God is, of course, His Majesty David Starkey, England's current Greatest Living Englishman. Marvellous.


Hugo Chavez said...


John said...

Agree he's brilliant, but however good he is on "Monarchy" his talents are wasted on this programme.
I don't know if you remember, but he had a two hour current affairs phone-in show on the radio which ran for several years up until about six years ago. Talking politics, and cutting idiotic socialists down to size, is the area in which he excels.
My dream would be to replace Dimbleby on TV's Question Time with Starkey. Sadly, he always speaks his mind and never pulls any punches so this could never happen.

Jack Maturin said...

Cutting idiotic socialists down to size? Sir David just gets better with every passing sentence! :-)

All we need really is a government with Jeremy Clarkson as Transport Secretary, Bonson Jorris as Married Ladies Associate, Jack Maturin as chancellor and destroyer-in-chief of the client state, and Sir David as PM, and we'd really start to cook some mustard.

Oh, those would be happy days, particularly the final day when we sacked everybody in the government, including ourselves, and cancelled all taxes. I'm sure Sir David would raise a glass to that! ;-)